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 What has been up with the guild

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What has been up with the guild Empty
PostSubject: What has been up with the guild   What has been up with the guild Icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2007 4:44 am

hiye lads!

as most of you guys may have noticed we aren't doing very well atm.
The amount of raids we do is very small and the succes they have is also not good enough. There are several reasons I can come up with which can explain why we are slacking.
First of all most people have started their schoolyears which in some cases greatly reduces their activity. Ofcourse I can't blame them, the future is more important than wow.
I also noticed that people are a bit addicted on playing their alts. The reason why I invited alts into the guild was to reduce the boredom of upgrading ur gear. With that I mean that people who constantly work on their gear by doing instances (especially Heroics), grinding mats for crafted gear or doing pvp, tend to get a bit burned out. I don't mind if you decide to play on ur alt IF you have worked on ur gear! Coming online on ur main during raidinvite time is NOT good enough!!
The final reason I can come up with is the fact that you guys rely too much on the officers. I know we are officers for a reason but that doesnt mean you cant chip in.

As some of you may already have noticed some people have the guildrank: "Elite". Elites are also allowed to start up a raid and keep track of the DKP. In the perfect world (the one that I have in my head) EVERYONE is an elite and we are all active during raidtimes and are dedicated on upgrading our gear and especially (!!) are dedicated to the guild. BUT dreams are fake and I simply cannot make everyone elite.
I will personally assign elites ofcourse Razz
This does not mean that elites are allowed to boss you guys around! Should this happen pls report it to me so i can take the proper steps.
Alright so! What are elites allowed to do?
Like I mentioned before elites are allowed to form a raidgroup... BUT ONLY if there are no officers present or no officers present who want to raid.
Elites are also allowed to keep track of the DKP. At the start of the raid they will make a nice list of who is present, who gets ontime dkp, who is on standby, the time you start and end the raid, which bosses you down, etc. Loot and looters will be noted down.
example Tier 18 chest--> Buv
At the end of the raid that list will be emailed to my emailadress

Another right the elites have is the ability to change the GMOTD (NOT for abuse etc) This should make it easier for them to create a raidgroup.

FACT! In order to form a raidgroup at least 2 Elites need to be present! Or 1 Elite and 1 Officer! Both will make a dkp list and both will send it to me!!

Elites also have acces to the Officers' Lounge on the Ventrilo server. To discuss raidsetup etc etc.

If you see an elite cross the line.... report it to me. Flaming, scolding, ninja looting and such are considered crossing the line.

Another way to make the guild more active is to help us recruit people. Everyone knows the guildsite so it shouldn't be any problem to direct someone to this site. So if you come across a good player who is searching for a (nother) guild pls tell him to apply and we will look at it. Also reply on his/her appliction so we know who directed him/her to the site.

IMO if we would try and work on these things we will be raiding again soon. Not me personally since I simply dont have the time for it (mayB in weekends or free schooldays haha)

If the guild will not shape up in the next few days/ week I will decide that the guild goes back to its former self. A casual guild filled with friends who mostly do PvP and no endgame instances...
This is not a threat or anything. Consider it a notification that we need to shape up or I will forget the whole PvE idea and go back to PvP (and mayB try PvE again in the future.)

It's late and I am falling asleep continiously atm so I apologise for any weird sentences and stuff Razz

I hope I have made my point clear

Gn fellas

"It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again!"

Buv to NElfs
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What has been up with the guild
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