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Vashj guild EU server World of Warcraft
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 Prot Warr :D

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PostSubject: Prot Warr :D   Prot Warr :D Icon_minitimeSun Sep 02, 2007 9:42 pm

Real life name: Michael Smile

Age: 18

Location: United Kingdom

Character name: Zákk

Class: Warrior

Alternate Characters names, classes, levels: 70 Rogue, 60 Paladin

How much time have you spent on your character: 30 days played

Daily playtimes (ex. from 19 till ....) Everyday except wen seeing gf or wen have alot of work Sad

Internet Connection: 1mb

Can you use Ventrilo: Yup Smile

Can you speak English properly: Yes lol

How much PvE experience do you have? umm unfortunately not much in the way of TBC raids cos been working alot cos of summer, but the bulk of thats finished so im good to raid Smile do heroic mech practically everytime i log on, still havent got the sun eater after about 18 runs Sad /cry done most of heroics Smile only done kara up2 curator, the reason y it was up2 curator was cos thats how far the guild i was in a while back cud get to, but i stuck wid them and wiped cos the guild was great social and a nice bunch of people but unfortunately disbanded because of no progression Sad

Current guild and Former guilds: No guild. (Vera illumination - they wanted me to go dps cos of to many prot warriors in the guild which i didnt like seeing as i spend all my time going for tanking gear)

Reason for leaving your guild(s)? Explained above Very Happy

Current Gear? Profile? umm I am quite happy to link u or meet u ingame Smile

Your professions,are you willing to change them if required? No profs, decided i didnt want them lol was in to much of a rush to level the char ready for tbc

What makes you want to join Kataraomai? umm i had a nice whisper saying that ud be interested in another warrior, i dont know much about the guild but i got the impression that it was a nice guild, and i was told uv progressed well which is good to hear Smile

Why Kataraomai, and not any other high end raiding guild on Vashj? ummm tough qu lol Razz idno rly Smile i just want a nice, social guild who are serious about raiding >)

Do you have any friends in Kataraomai? No friends, but i recognise a few names Wink from various instances lol

What do you expect from this guild? nice friendly relaxed atmosphere, good raiding Very Happy

What can you contribute to the guild? well i wudnt wanna get thrown MT kara str8 of the hat but after ive OT'd a whole clear then hopefully i can stand in for MT's wen they cannot make raids Smile

Does anyone have access to your account. If they do, why? Nope, no one

What is your current talent spec, and why have you chosen that spec? Prot (12/0/49) <3 imp thunderclap Smile

Are you willing to respec if and whenever it is required? I am Smile

Do you love playing your class in PvE, and why? Yeh its good wen ur wid the right people, a little stressful wid dps noobies haha <3 but yeh its a good laf Very Happy espec seeing locks hitting 2k TPS on KTM, kind scary haha Very Happy

Joining this guild will mean uncovering new PvE content, which in turn will cause alot of repaircosts, farming for consumables and sometimes it will test your patience to the maximum. Are you up for it? Def Wink

Other comments (optional): hopefully cya soon Smile
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Prot Warr :D Empty
PostSubject: Re: Prot Warr :D   Prot Warr :D Icon_minitimeSun Sep 02, 2007 9:57 pm

Looks very promising
I will contact you in game and discuss ur application further
(or one of the officers will)
Gj m8

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Prot Warr :D
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