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Vashj guild EU server World of Warcraft
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PostSubject: Welcome to Kataraomai's Forums   Welcome to Kataraomai's Forums Icon_minitimeFri Aug 17, 2007 6:01 pm

Welcome fellow WoW player!

First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to check out our forums and maybe even considering to apply. I hope you will find every bit of information you want to know, here in this post.

The guild Kataraomai has been around for a long long time... In the past we used to be a casual guild with only a small group of players who know each other irl. We leveld with each other, did some sweet pvp with each other, switched servers with each other...we had a great time basically.
But then we considered to make THE step.... the step into the world of endgame PvE!

We discussed the way we wanted to do this and we hope to do this.
We chose the hard, long road but in the end this will be the most lucrative and fun.

We intend to remain a small group of raiders. Which means we only want active reliable and fun players. This is however...very hard to accomplish.
Therefor we monitor our trials and applicants very closely. We don't intend to be 100% HARDCORE so we dont only want people who are online 24/7. At the moment we try to raid every day but in the end we will have set raiddays and a set of players with whom we can make lots of progress and lots of fun.

As I have said before we intend to raid every day, at around 19:00 the officers will check who is online and if we can raid with those classes. Obviously we will not be able to raid every night but so far we have made some nice progress and we test our trials during the raids now.

Ermmm further more I will tell you the road you will be walking if you want to join Kataraomai.
First of all you will need to apply on the forums, we made an extensive Application form which you will need to fill in properly.
If we like ur application we will contact you in game and mayB discuss some matters with you. If everything goes well you will be invited in the guild.
First you will be a trial, which means we watch ur activity, reliability and friendliness. You will be tested by the officers and we will give you tips etc should you need to work on stuff. For example some people need to work on their gear others need to work on their skills.
We dont make room for sugarcoated tips and such. We will tell you and we will give you a deadline to work on it.
Should you fail, we will thank you for your time and remove you from the guild.
Should you succeed you will become a member rank. This isn't the end though we also have an elite rank and ofcourse the officer rank.
These ranks are very hard to obtain obviously and will require a lot of dedication.
To make sure we know that people have read this before putting up an application... You must put this line in your application form not in the begining and not in the end but somewhere between the questions...
Spiderpig... spiderpig...does whatever a spiderpig does...can he swing from a web? No he can't... he's a pig...LOOKOUT! Here comes the spiderpig...
This is a hard and long way to make our steps in the world of PvE but we think it will all be worth it.
So far we have found some players we want to keep and others are willing to join as well.

So decide fast and make your application as perfect as possible (if you want to join that is)
And mayB I will see you in the guild later Cool

Thank you for your time to read this

Yours sincerely

-GM of Kataraomai-

"It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again!"

Buv to NElfs
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Welcome to Kataraomai's Forums
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